5 Must-Have Asian Jewellery Pieces For Every Girl

Asian jewellery is widely sought-after and admired because of its rich history and unique designs that you won’t see on any other kind of jewellery. The best feature about Asian jewellery is that it has a way of looking extravagant and luxurious no matter what piece of jewellery you’re wearing or what you pair it with. The embellishments, intricate designs, and gold statements for Asian jewellery are what make it truly unique and lush. There are some pieces of Asian jewellery that every girl should have in her vanity as they’ll brighten up any look or outfit. Here are the top 5 must-have Asian jewellery pieces that you should add to your collection in 2021.

#1 Jhumkas:

First and foremost, it’s essential that every girl has a pair of classic jhumkas in her jewellery collection. Whether they are layered jhumkas, ear cuff jhumkas, hoop jhumkas, or chandelier jhumkas, these earrings amp your look’s glamour instantly and effortlessly. If you’re going for extravagant layered jhumkas, they’ll surely serve as the statement of your look and turn heads wherever you go.

#2 Tiikka:

The classic tikka is a unique piece of jewellery because it’s only in Asian cultures that you’ll see love for head-pieces. It’s a must to add a tikka to your collection since it glamorously graces the mid part of your hair and serves as the centerpiece statement which will catch the eye of anyone you talk to. Whether it’s your loved one’s wedding or even your own, a tikka is the perfect accessory to finish your look off with ethnic beauty.

#3 Ethnic Chokers:

While we’re still on the topic of ethnic beauty, it’s undeniable that Indian chokers necklaceare the perfect combination of traditional and modern jewellery. The different beads and classic gold gives the choker the old-school look that we all adore while its flatteringly fitted design is what makes it perfect for modern looks.

#4 Balis:

Every culture has its version of gold hoops and balis are a great representative of Asian culture and Asian jewellery since it’s a glamorized and embellished twist to a simple, classic piece of jewellery. Asian jewellery would be truly incomplete without gold statements and a beautiful pair of balis will be the gold statement that’ll work with any outfit or occasion.

#5 Gold Bangles:

Last but not least, gold bangles are the Asian way of expressing their love for gold jewellery that goes with any look. Gold bangles are a classic staple that every girl must have in her collection because any traditional look is incomplete without a set. Plus, gold is a precious metal that’ll be your friend for the longest time when it comes to staying in trend every year.

The beauty and uniqueness of Asian jewellery are truly unmatched and it always takes any outfit up a few notches with its sophisticated and intricate designs, which is why there are some basic pieces that you must have in your collection. Add these 5 pieces of must-have Asian jewellery to upgrade your style effortlessly for 2021.