Dress to Impress: Fabulous Work Outfit Ideas

Your workplace is one of the places where dress code is an essential etiquette. What you wear for work can either make or break your image. From your hair to your shoes, everything you wear builds an impression about you to your employers and colleagues. This is why it is essential to put a little extra effort to present yourself at work. Take a look at the following tips to see how you can choose good work outfits.

Stick to the Office Dress Code

First and foremost, you need to stay loyal to the office dress code. If you are required to wear a blazer, then do not forget it at home. The standard international business attire for women usually includes tailored suits – pants or skirts with a blouse and a jacket.

A company that has a business casual culture will be more flexible with its outfits. So, you can wear discard the jackets and blazers, unless it is specifically required for certain events. When you are shopping for work outfits, the first thing in your mind should be the company dress code.

Be Careful with the Jewellery

For a more formal setting like the office, metal jewellery is the best choice. Ethnic pieces or large statement boho jewellery will make any outfit look a less formal and more casual. Therefore, the less you wear them, the better. Minimalist jewellery always fit better in workplace environments. However, you can take this up a notch and add one statement piece like queen bee necklaces or a pair of statement earrings in a special occasion like an office party or an evening party at work.

Colours and Patterns

More formal settings will require you to wear the conservative-coloured business suits such as black, navy or grey. But this tradition is also changing and both men and women are now seen to experiment with other colours. However, keeping your business attire to a monochromic palette is always the best. For business casual or smart casual, a subtle pattern on either your blouse or pants will be fine. But try to keep bold statement patterns to more festive affairs instead of everyday work.


When it comes to work outfits, the undergarments matter as much as the rest of your outfit. They may not be visible from outside but one can always predict wrong/ ill-fitted undergarments from how they support your body. Opt for panties with thinner seams or laser cuts.

This will ensure that the panty line is not visible over your clothes. Thongs are also a better option if you are worried about the panty lines being visible. Get bras of the right size – padded ones are always the best as they support your figure better. Nude shades are always the best for work undergarments as they won’t show through the fabric of your blouse or dress.


The best shoes for a work outfit are closed toe pumps. What you should avoid is chunky heels, wedges and sandals. When choosing heels, find something you are comfortable with. Although the traditional preference is towards stilettoes, opt for a height you are comfortable to walk with. You don’t have to make sure all your leathers are the same shade. Instead try to compliment your shoes with you belt and handbag.

A well put outfit is a sign of a well-put personality. Therefore, make wise choices with your clothes and accessories when you get ready for work.

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