Easy Tips to Build Your Dream Wardrobe

Have you ever wondered what is so different and special about those walk-in closets and wardrobes you see on Instagram? Sometimes we try our best to recreate them and end up having subpar results. The problem is we try to recreate instead of creating. The best way to build your wardrobe is by personalising it to your needs and not the needs of the models you see online. Want to know more about how to do this? Take a look at the following tips.

Declutter Your Wardrobe

There is no point of holding onto clothes you never wear. This means taking out everything you have and separating it into piles of what you wear regularly, what you plan to wear, what you will never wear. Once you have sorted out your clothes, you can ide what to do with them. Clothes that you won’t wear anymore can either go to the thrift store or donation centres. The ones you wear and can be altered for you keep them. 

Know Your Colours

What are the colours that are more frequent in your wardrobe? And what are the ones that aren’t? Sometimes we see a nice dress or a blouse on display but when we try it on, it looks hideous on us. The reason may be because its colours aren’t the best for us. So, discover your own colour palette.

The colours sometimes are matched with the tone of your ski. But it is also matched by how you feel when you wear certain colours. Do nude colours make you feel calmer or chic? Do bold colours make you confident?  Think these questions before you set off to shop for new clothes.

Personal Style

Each of us expresses ourselves differently. And therefore, our style differs. There are certain pieces of clothing that you would feel better when you wear or look at yourself in the mirror. Certain pieces tend to bring out your silhouette the best.

Do you look good in loose jeans or skinny jeans? Would you like more silky and flowy fabrics or do you prefer cotton? You person style will determine the types of clothing items you will buy in future. This will save you from buying items that you feel immediately attracted to but will never wear.

Take a Shopping Trip

Once you have established your personal style and your colour palette, you are now ready to take a shopping trip for new items. Remember you don’t have to buy every item you want at the same time. Pick only a few items that you can afford at one time to avoid shopping regrets. Building your wardrobe might take some time and will not come together on one day. Plan your budget, what you want to buy and where you will buy them.

Take Time to Choose

Whether you are shopping on your local stores or resorting to online shopping, do not rush with your purchases. Impulse buying is something we all are guilty of at one point or the other so try to avoid this mistake in future. Remember what we talked about colours and style above. Try the clothes on. Check out a few clothing sites such as venom Emilio fashion and go through the choices they have. Get the right sizes to make sure the clothes fit you right.

While shopping is fun and entertaining, it also needs some thought and consideration the same way you would buy anything else. Build your perfect wardrobe by following the above tips and you’ll never regret your shopping choices.

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