How to Be Sustainable When Gifting?

There is a lot of thought that goes into gifting and it can feel wonderful when the person you are gifting loves what you have given. While gifting can be fun, it can be exhausting as well when you are choosing gifts for a large number of people. And being sustainable in your gifting habits can be a great concept to adopt especially in the wake of global pollution and climate change. Every little action helps and you have to start with yourself when it comes to being more environmentally conscious.

A great idea for eco-friendly gifts is gifting services instead of possessions. This can be a thoughtful gesture and you will be gifting a loved one a cherished memory. You can book an appointment for an adventurous outdoor activity for a thrill-seeker or a soothing massage for somebody who has long workdays and needs a bit of self-love. Or if they are interested in music or art, you can book a few sessions for music lessons, pottery making, or an art class. Oftentimes we tend to put off activities such as this so it can be a reminder to be more mindful of our own happiness. Other examples of gifting services are giving tickets to a concert or show, sports events, memberships, etc. This can provide for an entertaining evening for the recipient and they will always associate you with that fun memory.

You can gift certain items that you have found or collected such as an unusual shell from the beach, an arrowhead, or a fossil. This can be a curious piece of gift that can give a feeling of wonder to the recipient. You may have felt the same wonder when you discovered the item and you can pass this feeling on to another person. You don’t always need to buy new items when it comes to gifts.

There are many collectibles and antiques that will look great in any house and will have a story behind them that will add value to the piece. There is no impact on the environment because you are essentially reusing that item. You can look for an item that can fit in the recipient’s home or if they are a history buff, look for an item from a period that they are interested in. Then there are certain tools that are made with better and harder materials than what is mass-produced today which can be very useful to a person.

There are many online shops that advertise sustainable gifts that you can browse. There may be certain items that the recipient is interested in. You can also ask for more information or photos of the item by collecting the store. If you have some time on your hands, you can create a homemade gift as well.

If you are good at preparing food, you can take some time to make some homemade jam or pickles or a freshly baked pie. This will be received with enthusiasm and they will appreciate the time you have taken off your schedule to prepare it.