How to Choose the Perfect Jeans?

Everyone’s wardrobe should have a pair of jeans as they are so versatile and comfortable to wear. But you have to choose what looks good on your body and that requires understanding your body shape and what goes well with it.

You may shop in several stores before you select a pair of jeans that look best on your frame. There are also many trends that come and go when it comes to jeans. This is not something you should put much stock on as these trends can change quite quickly. For example, skinny jeans were very popular a few years back but they are slowly losing their popularity. Instead of going for the current trend, you have to choose jeans that will look best on your body. Sometimes what is on-trend will not look amazing on your frame. For example, if you are curvy, high-waisted jeans will look amazing on you as it will make the waist look smaller. But you don’t need to worry about not finding the right jean; there is a pair of perfect jeans waiting for you no matter what your preferences or requirements are.

Jeans are quite stretchy as they are made out of denim. And how you feel when you try them out in the store will change after a few washes. For example, if you are trying out a pair of white jeans womens in the store and it fits you like a glove, most of the time it can still feel tight. And this will tempt you to size up. You should avoid doing this as the jeans will stretch over time when you are wearing them and after multiple washes. You will feel comfortable in them in no time. So even if the pair you purchase may feel a little tight, this will quickly go away. As your jeans stretch over time, so will the crotch of the jeans. The crotch of the jean should fit tightly against your skin when you first purchase your jeans. If it is too loose, then you will see that the crotch actually hangs a little lower and creates an unflattering figure.

To check if the waistband of the jean is too loose for you, see if you can fit your whole hand into the back of the waistband. If the waistband is too tight, you will not be able to fit even a finger into the back. When the waistband is too tight, it can squeeze your waist and make you uncomfortable. Also, loose waistbands can make your waist look bigger and you will not be able to tuck a shirt into the waistband for a more flattering style. Sometimes, plus sized women tend to avoid jeans as they can flatten the figure. A good way of avoiding this is choosing jeans that have more detail such as designs on the pockets, buttons, extra zippers, embroidery etc. to add texture and more flair to the jeans. This way, your shape will not get lost in it.