Tips in Buying Shoes for Wide Feet

Shopping shoes for wide feet is a bit tricky. Wide feet don’t usually fit well with regular shoes since you need more width to accommodate the size of your feet. Even if it already has the right width, you also need to consider the right length so your foot doesn’t look too long. Wearing the right shoe size can help you prevent foot related pain and injury. It keeps you comfortable when walking, running, or even for longer wear.

Whether you’re shopping for shoes online or at shoe shops, here are some of the tips you could use to help you find pair for your wide feet.

Buy Shoes Later in the Day

Your feet get wider all throughout the day. The later it is in the day, the wider your foot is. This is an important factor to consider when buying shoes. If you have big feet, it is better to choose among wide fitting womens shoes to be sure that you’ll get the right size you need. To be sure that it can accommodate your feet comfortably all throughout the day, it is best to buy shoes later in the day. Most likely, your feet have already expanded at its maximum width, you can be sure that you’re getting the right fit when trying on shoes.

Try On Both Shoes

Although it is already obvious, there might be times that we’re in a hurry and only fit one shoe when buying. To ensure a perfect fit, it is important that you fit both shoes before deciding whether to buy it or not.

It is common for feet to have a slight difference in size. If that’s the case, buying the size that fits the bigger foot is a lot better. Be sure to try on both shoes to get an idea on how it fits and feels when you wear it. Don’t just put them on and look at the mirror. Walk and move around the store to know if it feels good on your feet or not.

Consider the Socks and Orthotics

There are different types of socks to choose from depending on the type of shoe you’re going to wear. When shopping for shoes, be sure that you’re also wearing the socks that you’re planning to pair that shoe with. You might need to make size adjustments depending on how the shoe fits while you’re wearing a sock.

The same goes for those who are wearing orthotics as well. These shoe accessories have a huge effect on the fit and size of the shoe that you’ll need. Put in the orthotic into the shoe before trying it on to see if it will fit you well for daily use.

If shopping for shoes is a challenge for you, try out these steps and make your shoe shopping experience a lot more convenient and easier. With the right pair of shoes, you can be assured of all-day comfort wherever you go.

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