Tips to Take Care of Your Shoes

Sneakers are an everyday type of shoe. The different brands manufacturing sneakers give you a chance to go nuts owning numerous pairs for different occasions. Sneakers are easy to wear, keep your feet and comfortable and fit any type of outdoor activity, well almost all types of activities.

They are also just not limited to sportswear and are now even worn with dresses and smart casual attire; it is their diversity that makes them one of the most convenient shoes to own. However, wear and tear, constant use and dirt mess with how your sneakers look. Therefore, here are a few tips to keep your kicks clean and in the best condition.

Treat them like when your first got them

Have you ever bought a pair of sneakers and realized they look to great to wear them out? Maybe it’s that white that look so squeaky clean or that neon logo shining brighter than the torch on your phone, new shoes look amazing in the box. But after the first few wears and that occasional splash of a mud puddle we learn to accept they cannot look clean all the time resulting in us not bothering anymore.

However continuous sneaker cleaning can help sneakers last longer and not look too shabby over time. A scrub with soap and a toothbrush or using products every once in a while, can leave your kicks still looking as good as new even after a few years.

Keeping them in shape

It is rather ironic that sneakers are used for a sport, which keeps us in shape, but they need it too. Unlike the old sneakers manufactured with the tougher exterior nowadays shoes are made to feel like a glove. The materials used are thinner for more comfortable wear or better performance. However, in order for the shape to be retained try stuffing them with old newspaper. This is specifically recommended if you do not use them often and is stored for longer periods of time.

Alternate the usage

Everyone has that one go to pair of shoes that can be worn with all outfits. However, the constant use can take a toll on the sole of the shoe and the material. Unlevelled ground, friction and bad weather can damage the shoe causing wear and tear. Alternate the usage every few wears so that the shoe isn’t over worn. This helps it last longer.

Let them air out

The problem of bad smelling sneakers has been experienced by most of us. This is due to old socks, wet or damp shoes and too much usage. Sneakers are made to cover your foot and are not made out of ventilating materials unless it is for running.

Therefore, moisture and heat are constantly trapped in, storing them in a box does not help either. Choose a sunny day to let your sneakers soak up the sunshine. The airplay will help ventilate the shoe and get rid of any odour. You could also use over the counter products during cold or wet days.

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