Top Three Tips to Be More Stylish

The pandemic has changed much of our lives – from work ethics to vacations – and our fashion sense too has taken a steep curve over the last two years. Our outfits as well as how we approach fashion has faced a drastic transformation and frankly, most of us are still trying to find different outfits that match our uniquely changed lifestyles.

Most people have gotten comfortable with living in their loungewear but truth be told, we all have visited online shopping stores during the last few months more than ever! Among many drawbacks, this pandemic and stay-at-home policies now have given you the time to finally clear out your wardrobe! When it comes to wardrobes, we all have guilty feelings related to panic buying and now is the time to rectify that. Here are some tips from pro fashionistas that can help you become more stylish without breaking the bank!

Do not buy clothes for just one occasion

This is one of the most common mistakes and frankly, this will not only waste your money but also will waste a lot of space in your precious wardrobe. If you are heading somewhere exciting, you will most likely consider shopping for new clothes. A wedding, a reunion or a Christmas party can make you really excited and the next thing you know is that you are checking out from an online clothing store!

Instead of wasting your money on one-time dresses, consider purchasing a few fancy pieces at once and keep them in your wardrobe. If you think wearing them might seem monotonous, consider buying accessories like fancy earrings or a custom leather watch strap. That will change the feeling and will add more polish to your final look, without a doubt!

Never buy or keep dresses that don’t fit you

This seems obvious but we all make the mistake of keeping old clothes as well as accessories that no longer fit, hoping that they will fit again someday! However, keeping or holding on to these things can only reduce the size of your wardrobe.

If you want to be more stylish, you need to let go of those old clothes. Getting rid of something that you have not worn in months or years is another good step to follow. We also tend to buy things simply because they are bargains. If you spot a good deal, take your time and ask yourself whether you really want it or not. If you buy something, just because the price seems good, you will be wasting your money!

Try new things

Whether you are comfortable in classics or sparkly clothes/accessories, it is a good idea to try different fashion trends every now and then. However, you should always consider starting small instead of spending a fortune on new trends. For instance, you can find heaps of cool accessories – from watches to clutches – and they all can fit well with your existing clothing. This will allow you to try new trends without breaking the bank!

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