What you should consider in buying a pair of shades

The eyes, chico, they never lie – that’s a line from Al Pacino’s famous movie Scarface, and it makes sense. As soon as you see someone’s eyes, the mystery is broken. Thus, choosing a pair of shades shouldn’t be taken as a light matter. In fact, there are several factors that you must be considering in buying shades.

Let us check them out!

The shape of your face

Australians sure have a wide array of face shapes; round, pointy, square, and the list goes on. If you chose that a certain pair of shades would fit you just because they fit better for your friend, you couldn’t be more wrong.

For example, the universal type is aviators that suit all types. Then there are square-shaped ones that don’t fit square-shaped faces, strangely. The bottom line is that the more you learn about this subject, the more would be the suitability.

The typical way you style your hair and its color

What color is your hair? is it brown? black? red? blonde? or a mix? or even a completely bright vivid color? On top of that, what sort of hairstyle do you use? As a man, have you cut it short? If you have, what sort of a combing style do you use?

On the other hand, there are women with the greatest number of styles and hair lengths. The other related factor is the size of the forehead; everything needs to be considered.

The average brand value

Is it worth the brand value? that’s the question that you should ask yourself before spending 500$ on an identical pair that costs less than 100$. The point is that maybe the branded shades are worth the quality but you’re also paying for the brand value as well. The question is that is it worth it?

The color of the glasses

Not all sunglasses have the same color for the glasses. This is where you consider the why factor as well; for example, the yellowish ones suit the best for night driving, mirror-like glasses deflect sunlight as much as they can, and the darker ones can be both stylish and block UV and infrared. The bottom line is that there’s a connection between the polarized glasses and the color of glasses; understand that well and you’re in for a treat.

The design of the frame

The design of the frame is merely the type of the shades as a whole. These usually with the shape of glass as well. Hence, there’s definitely a connection. Some of the major frame types are club master, wayfarer, rectangle, and so on.

A final word of advice

Knowing this much is more than enough for you to find the ideal pair of shades. Our final word of advice is to purchase shades from online stores. This is where there is the highest quality for the lowest price. In doing the right amount of research, you’d be perfectly able to find the best pair of shades.

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