Who Should Be Your Fashion Icon?

Fashion is always changing and evolving that we would have a hard time following it if we want to be trendy all the time (not to mention it will be expensive). So, having a fashion icon that you should look up to, would help you find your personal style and a source of inspiration when you are trying to dress up.

Chances are, you already have an idea on the kind of fashion icon you want to follow. But if you are still at a loss on who should be your fashion icon, read below on the kind of fashion icon that you want to be your inspiration.

Sophisticated style

Think about Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Kate Middleton and you have a sophisticated icon. A sophisticated fashion icon is always poised and polished. For them, less is always more. Their style is understated but it does not mean they are not attention grabbing. They exude simplicity but with class and refinement.

Bohemian style

When you choose Cher, Vanessa Hudgens, Jane Birkin as your fashion icon, you prefer a more laidback, chill and comfortable style. Boho fashion includes tops that are loose and relaxed fits. Tops that are off shoulder cuts, embroidered with various ethnic prints and sleeves that are bell, bishop style and trumpets are a staple for the bohemian chic. When it comes to bottoms, flowy skirts and flared silhouettes are the uniform of a bohemian fashion icon.

Preppy style

When it comes to preppy style, Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl comes to mind. Preppy style could be summarized into two words, crisp and clean. When you channel Blair Waldorf’s style, think about delicate and feminine. Think about ruffles and bows. When it comes to colour, neutrals, bright and pastels are in as well as polka dots, stripes, florals and plaid. For ideas and inspiration for preppy style, follow Scanlan Theodore fashion.

Edgy style

You don’t need to be a bad girl to wear leather jackets, ripped jeans and boots. Wearing pieces of clothing with studs and spikes as fashion statement is not only for teenagers or rockers. You could still dress edgily by rocking animal prints and not donning everything at the same time.

You could even just be edgy when it comes to your accessories or make up. Sharp and pointy accessories scream edgy while smokey eyes and dark liners project an edgy vibe. For inspiration, look up to Madonna or Gwen Estefani.

Vintage style

A blast from the past style, this one is an oldie but still a goodie. Vintage style is a culmination of fashion from the past. This style overcame the test of time and there is a reason why even celebrities and famous people are still dressing vintage style such as your favourite singer and songwriter Taylor Swift.

If you find yourself constantly checking what these people wore and thinking to yourself that you like it and that you could pull it off, then they could be your fashion icon and style that you could imitate.

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